First Major Project in Norway: UMIX, the impressive new PFEIFER tension rod system

Shortly after its market launch, the innovative new tension rod system from PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik is already impressing its first customers. UMIX is a real universal genius. Thanks to its multipurpose fork end for four different systems, the new product series from Memmingen - based cable construction specialists offers maximum flexibility in planning complex projects. UMIX also offers many other advantages compared to conventional tension rod systems, and makes it much easier to plan lightweight construction projects. One of the first big construction projects to use UMIX is the Steibrua network arch bridge in Norway.

Builder counts on UMIX

The bridge project was awarded in 2014 and executed after that. The previously installed tension rods, from another manufacturer, will now be replaced. The builders are now counting on PFEIFER and the benefits of the new UMIX tension rod system. PFEIFER is delivering a total of 68 systems with size 48 tension rods to Norway. That corresponds to approximately 15 tons of material. The tension rods for the project will be given additional coatings to protect them from weathering – even though UMIX’s galvanized threading already provides much better corrosion protection than the conventional systems.

The best corrosion protection of all time

The greatest weakness of the standard tension rod systems on the market is usually the threading. In contrast to the rest of the rod, the threading is usually either uncoated or has noticeably reduced corrosion protection. But that is a thing of the past – with UMIX, PFEIFER has introduced completely hot-dip-galvanized threading as standard. It is the first of its kind on the market, and significantly increases the lifespan of lightweight structures.

A fork connector for four systems

In addition, all of the components of the new PFEIFER system can be used for both cable and rod systems with constant force thanks to the completely redesigned universal fork end. When it comes to the choice of material, steel and stainless steel can also be freely combined. With UMIX, architects and planners are able to stay very flexible for the entire project phase, until the components are installed.

Short delivery times

In addition, PFEIFER’s innovative manufacturing process significantly shortens manufacturing and delivery times for the tension rail systems. The standard market period of about ten days for galvanized systems is thus much shorter for the UMIX. Long wait times are now a thing of the past – and that saves not just time, but also cash.

At PFEIFER, tradition meets innovation

During its nearly 440-year company history, PFEIFER has been a traditional business that continuously establishes new standards on the market. The same is true of UMIX. The cable construction specialists’ credo in developing it was: make complex things simple, for more day-to-day flexibility. Because projects are usually complex enough. That’s why the Memmingen-based company is developing tension members that will make day-to-day work much simpler.

Learn more about the new simplicity for lightweight construction:

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